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Meet the Artist

Sarah Russell Morphew is a native Texan who has been calling Oklahoma "home" for 20 years. She first realized the strength of her interest in art when she was very young as a result of watching Bob Ross on PBS. Sarah's art education has always been self-directed, gleaning whatever knowledge she could find from artist demonstrations, library books, the internet, and, of course, decades of hands-on experience.

Sarah primarily works with oil, acrylic, soft pastels, oil pastels, graphite, and charcoal. Her choice of medium for any particular piece is based on what she thinks will best emphasize the type of beauty she wants to call the viewer's attention to. She loves to try different things and has never met a medium she didn't like.

Sarah is a member of the Mid-Del Art Guild, Edmond Art Association, and Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition. She has exhibited her work at several regional art festivals, North Gallery and Studios, Gallery 123, the Porcelain Art Museum, and several Oklahoma libraries, banks, and private businesses. She has also done art demonstrations at the Oklahoma State Fair.

When she's not painting, she enjoys thinking, writing, organizing, spending time with her family, going to art festivals and museums, and taking reference photos for her next painting idea.


Artist Statement

"Docendo discimus" is a 2,000 year old Latin proverb that means "By teaching, we learn." I believe there is an analogous truth in art -- "By showing, we see." I paint not only because I see something beautiful and feel a desire to show it to others, but because it is by painting a thing that I can truly come to see it more completely for myself.

My work seeks the original purpose of artistic expression, its deepest essence -- to experience something in the soul instead of the head. My objective is to transcend the things that so often divide us and focus on the unifying and uplifting universal languages of beauty and inspiration, and the endless human search for meaning, joy, and inner peace. One's home should be a haven of harmony, and it is my earnest hope that my paintings will contribute to that spirit of serenity by radiating good energy into the lives of those who experience my artwork.

My art encompasses a diverse range of representational and abstract subject matter. I work in a variety of mediums, choosing for each piece that which will best enhance the facet of the subject I want to highlight, whether that be color, texture, pattern, form, proportion, or contrast. To this end, I also employ several different application techniques. I may work in graphite and charcoal to strip away the color from a flower, so that its more subtle attributes can be elevated. When I need an exquisitely blended soft matte surface, I reach for my soft pastels. When using acrylics and oils, I may use multiple layers of transparent glazes to create the depth I want, or I might use a palette knife to create a delicious heavy impasto texture that people want to experience with their fingers as well as their eyes. Whichever process I use for a piece or a series, the goal is always the same: to immerse the viewer in the same wordless meditation I experienced as I painted it.


Professional Memberships

  • Edmond Art Association

  • Mid-Del Art Guild

  • Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition



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